Once Upon a Butterfly
The Ancient Greeks used the word “psyche” to refer to the butterfly, which means soul.
The beautiful, yet fragile butterfly symbolizes the metamorphosis of the human soul. The spiritual evolution from (Childhood) the Caterpillar, to (Adulthood) the Butterfly.
It symbolizes new life. It reflects change and transformation, evolution and adaptation.
Said Baalbaki’s paintings tell the story of the migrating butterfly.
Since his early childhood, with the civil war in Lebanon, Said lived with suitcases.
Memories of evacuation, of migration and of eventual immigration to Berlin.
Even then, Said and his family were forced to move again to escape the events of the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1990.
Said’s Suitcases share the butterfly’s destiny.
They travel the same journey.
Sometimes they are scattered, often they are heaped. They collect the debris of time along the Journey of Metamorphosis.

Ghada Sholy

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