Jean Boghossian’s solo exhibition “Flames,” with Anima Gallery in Doha, Qatar, is a testament to his journey from a jeweller to a full-time artist. With a rich heritage in jewellery craftsmanship, Jean’s artistic expression was initially moulded by the intricate art of shaping and creating with precious metals and gems. This background laid the foundation for his fascination with the transformative power of fire, a tool central to both jewellery making and his current artistic practice. “Flames” presents a collection that explores themes of environmental conservation, the wrath of nature, and the impacts of war in the Middle East, reflecting his deep contemplation of our world. 

At the core of “Flames’ is Boghossian’s unique approach to fire, a tool central to his current artistic practice. This exhibition showcases several series that illustrate the transformative power of fire. The ‘Wave’ series, an unintentional tribute to Hokusai, is born from a fusion of collages, plaster, and paint, depicting a dynamic wave, symbolising nature’s untamed force. This series organically transitions into the ‘Volcano’ series, where the elemental fury of volcanic eruptions is captured, integrating fire with the motifs of water, earth, and air.

The ‘Regattas’ series, inspired by the sight of sailboats and initially showcased in Monaco, along with the ‘Atomium’ piece from the ‘Clash’ series, employ techniques of resin, smoke, and pigment on steel or aluminium. These pieces, echoing the movement and elegance of sails, represent the transformative interplay between nature and human craftsmanship.

Further exploring the theme of transformation, the ‘Flaming Flow’ series, previously known as ‘Eruption,’ captures the dynamic release of energy and ambition. In contrast, the ‘Alternance’ piece, a variation of the ‘Pliés Fumées’ series, stands out with its distinct use of colours, depicting the shifting perspectives and phases of creative pursuit.

The exhibition culminates with the ‘Missile’ series, where Boghossian employs a visual technique that mimics the appearance of a photographic negative to portray the shape of a missile. This artistic choice creates a profound visual impact, serving as a metaphorical device to reflect on current global conflicts. By presenting his work, Boghossian invites deeper contemplation through the concept of the ‘missing missile,’ raising questions about the purpose of war, the necessity of peace, and the inversely proportional relationship between technological advancement in warfare and the preservation of human dignity. In a world increasingly engulfed in conflict, this series stands as a powerful testament to art’s ability to silently yet effectively comment on the human condition. 

In “Flames”, Boghossian’s journey from crafting jewellery to creating evocative art pieces is validation of the inherent diversity of experimentation and depth of his artistic expression. Each series in the exhibition is a chapter in a larger story of transformation, reflecting our relationship with nature, our technological advancements, and our role in shaping the future. Through the lens of his technique and the interplay of fire, Boghossian invites viewers to traverse an aesthetic and contemplative universe, delving into the profound intricacies of one’s renewal, as the key ingredients binding this exhibition together.