(b. 1980, Qatar)

His drawings are mainly black and white. Multiples of lines in ink; round, straight, curved and in all shapes and forms.
His repetitive drawings convey a persistent and continuous message that addresses unanswered questions. His hidden figures are in constant search, they convey deep thoughts and emotions. Is this the real world as he sees it? All black and white! What about the grey shades in between!
“In 2016 I had a dream. That night I woke up scared of something that I had never experienced before. It was a tsunami that blew my head. The next day I found myself buying a piece of canvas and some black pens and I started painting nonstop. Now I draw my endless lines on everything; walls, doors, clay, paper, canvas, boxes, anything I can put my hand on.
I seriously believe I found myself and I am happier than any time of my life.”
Yasser Al Mulla