Mayak Nercessian starts by drawing the characters staging a fantasy world, showcasing the world of childhood in contrast withthe rapid world of adulthood. Mayak creates a dialoguebetween the two stages, and paints the link between the two as a flow from within.StudiesPromotion 1999 –2000 at the Beaux-Arts of Saint-Etienne, FrancePaintingsThe paintings in the exhibition draw their essence in the fascination he has in the human’s relationship with his own self as well as the external world.These multiplications of faces link the dimension of the synthesis of our ancestors, genetic inheritance, and the complexity of emotions portrayed in an intertwined manner.SculpturesThe sculptures share the same emotions reproduced in the paintings. This Mayak says “is the eternalmarriage between the magical freespirit, and the restricted rationality of the real world to which we belong”.“Itis between heaven and earth, a voyage of humility, I travel through with my art”.