Born in Istanbul. In 1980 Batibeki graduated from The Fine Arts Faculty of İstanbul Marmara University’s Graphic Arts Department. She worked for the best art and women magazines in Turkey as an illustrator, designed book covers, children books and movie posters. She created an animation film for Swedish State TV and worked as a production designer and photographer on the films production.
1983 she relocated to Oxford and London in the UK to focus on her painting. She featured in twenty solo exhibitions and participated in numerous Turkish and International group shows. She has been widely regarded as one of the most insightful artists concerned with popular culture involved in the contemporary art scene in Turkey. She works on paintings, photographs, installations and short films about women. She also writes about Art for the newspaper and magazines.
She has twice been presented with the Grand Prize at the Esbank Awards. She lives and works in Istanbul.

Chosen latest personal exhibitions :

2004 / On the Road / The Bunka Quint Gallery in the Costume Design Museum / Tokyo – Japan
2005 / I Shot Andy Warhol in Istanbul / Proje4L Elgiz Contemporary Art Museum – Artvarium / Istanbul
2008 / “A Doll House” / Siyah-Beyaz / Ankara
2010 / “Pulp Fiction” / Passage Petits-Champs 1 / Istanbul
2011 / “Pulp Fiction-The Sequel” / LTMH Gallery / New York

Chosen latest mixed Exhibitions :

2005 / I Shot Andy Warhol in Istanbul / Cinema Odysee – 17. Turkish Film Days / Strasbourg – France
2007 / “Istanbul Now” / Lukas Feichtner Art Gallery / Wien – Austria
2008 / Baku Biennial / Baku – Azerbaijan
2008 / “Truths and Mirages” Video Art Exhibition / Sofya – Bulgaria
2010 / “Istanbul Cool” / LTMH Gallery / New York
2010 / “Openly” / International Woman Artists Video Exhibition / Sanat Limanı Antrepo5 Karaköy / Istanbul
2011 / “Reality and Dreams””/ Istanbul Modern / Istanbul