1967: Born on the 20th of March 1967
1979 to 1980: Attended Art school for amateur Artists in Vienna, Austria.
1983: Immigrated to Toronto, Canada.
1985 to 1987: Attended O.C.A. Toronto.
1989 to 1996: Lived in Paris, France and Heimbach, Germany.
1999 to 2007: Lived between Beirut and Berlin.
2008 to 2009: Lived in Los Angeles California
2011: After traveling around Asia for 2 years, Got a Studio in Beijing, China.
2015: Moved to New York, NY. U.S.A.

2015 Sep. Gallery Emmagoss, Beirut Art Fair.
2014 Sep. Gallery Emmagoss, Solo Beirut Art Fair.
2013 Sep. Gallery Emmagoss, Beirut Art Fair.
2013 Feb. PiArtWorks, Solo Expo in India Art Fair.
2013 Jan. PiArtWorks, Solo Expo in Singapore Art Fair.
2013 Jan. Anima Gallery, Qatar.
2012 PiArtWorks, Solo Expo in Shanghai Art Fair
2012 July Gallery Emmagoss, Beirut Art Fair.
2012 Sep. PiArtWorks, Solo Expo in Beijing Art Fair
2011 July Gallery Emmagoss, Beirut Art Fair.
2011 May Gallery Emmagoss, Beirut.
2011 Matthias Arndt Gallery, Berlin, Dubai Art Fair.
2009 Emmagoss, Dresden, Germany.
2008 Charity Expo at Stephanie’s Art Gallery, Los.Angeles, U.S.A
2007 Gallery Emmagoss, Dresden, Germany
2006 Gallery Emmagoss, Beirut
2004 Simon Gonzales Art, Rio De Jenero, Brazil.
2003 Dubai Ladies Cultural Club, U.A..E
2003 Gallery Emmagoss, Beirut
2002 Gregory Hoffmann Gallery, Berlin, Germany
2002 Frank Wollny KulturHaus, Koln, Germany
2001 Galerie Françoise Bouquet, Paris, France
2000 Gallery Dar El Funun, Kuwait
2000 Galeria di Belle Arti, Rome, Italy
1999 Gallery Emmagoss, Beirut
1999 Gallery La Corte Di Boboli, Rome, Italy
1998 Gallery Emmagoss, Beirut
1997 Schmitt Gallery, Düsseldorf, Germany
1996 Contemporary Art, Vancouver, Canada
1995 Schmitt Gallery, Düsseldorf, Germany
1994 Galerie Françoise Bouquet, Paris, France
1993 International Art Gallery, Beirut
1992 Kulturzentrum, German Cultural Center, Beirut
1991 Haus Shoenblick, Heimbach, Germany
1990 Gorky Gallery, New York. U.S.A.
1980 to 1989 Numerous collective exhibitions in Europe and North America.
1972 Collective exhibition at the age of five for juniors.