Hanadi Al Darwish is a Qatari plastic artist. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Art Education from Qatar University.
Her work experience includes the following roles:
• 2013-2016 Director of the Visual Arts Center, Ministry of Culture, Arts and Heritage in Qatar
• 2013 Board Member of the Women’s Sports Committee
• 2008-2012 Chairperson of the Girls Creativity Center
• 2006-2009 Vice President of the Qatar Fine Arts Association
She participated in numerous national and international art exhibitions in Qatar and a number of Arabian Gulf States, Jordan, Sudan, Tunisia, Algeria, Turkey, Germany, France, Belgium and United Kingdom. She was also selected as a guest of honor at the 9th International Arts Forum in Serbia.
She served as a jury member in many art committees in Qatar and abroad. In addition, Hanadi left a mark in the design and art direction of school textbooks.
She organized many forums for the Ministry of Culture, Arts and Heritage in Qatar including:
• 2010 The First Qatari Art Leaders Forum “Their Colors are Qatari” for Qatar National Day in cooperation with Education City (Qatar Foundation for Education, Science and Community Development)
• 2015, 2014, 2013 Doha Forum for GCC Artists (1st , 2nd and 3rd Edition)
• 2015 Third Visual Arts Forum for GCC Artists hosted by the State of Qatar
• 2013, 2014 First and Second International Mini Art Exhibition
• 2014 Arab Youth Forum
• 2014, 2015 Doha First and Second Forum of Arabic Literature
• 2015 Artistic Panorama: Exhibit of the Ministry of Culture, Arts and Heritage’s Most Important Collections
• 2014,2016 Organized several art workshops for people with disabilities
She also organized exhibitions and forums beyond Qatar including:
• 2015,2013 The Second and Third exhibition of Contemporary Qatari Art – Paris/ France
• 2014 Contemporary Qatari Art Exhibition at the Royal Museum of Fine Arts – Brussels/ Belgium
• 2015  Contemporary Qatari Art Exhibition – Ankara / Turkey
• 2015 10 × 10 Exhibition – Istanbul / Turkey
Her artwork was acquired by several organizations, public and private institutions, hotels, and VIPs in Qatar and abroad.