Born in 1980, Charbel Samuel Aoun holds a master’s degree in architecture (2004). He stared his career as a conceptual designer in several architectural firms in Beirut and explored the fields of audiovisual and theatre.

In the meantime, Charbel followed his other passion for art and started creating a wild garden, collecting hundreds of varieties of plants and trees, thus combining his education as an architect and his passion for nature by experimenting with different materials and elements, designing a system that both examines and questions social and environmental realities.

The choice of the medium is part of an experience: the viewer is invited to embark on a sensual journey, where the rational and the emotional are triggered through a multisensory contact with the material.

Solo Exhibitions:

2017 Paratopia – Anima Galley, Doha

2016 Necropolis – Mark Hachem Gallery, Beirut

2015 L’Exode Du Fragile – Tanit Gallery, Beirut

2015 From the Dust – lab 44 Gallery, Paris

2012 Lost Spring – Smo Gallery – Beirut

2011 Pulse – Art Space Gallery, Dubai

2010 Flows – Art Lounge, Beirut

2009 Beirut Mix – Zico House, Hamra

2007 Out of Space – French Cultural Center-Beirut

Collective Exhibitions:

2017 Imago Mundi – contemporary art of Lebanon – Palermo

2016 Selected for Europe Grand Central – residency in Sweden

2016 La Force de la Peinture – Galerie du Comble-Belgium

2015 Arab Territories – Constantine, Capital of Arab Culture

2015 Rebirth of a Nation – Beirut Exhibition Center, Beirut

2014 Subversione of sensible – Fabbrica del Vapore, Milano

2014 Mac International 2014 – Belfast

2014 Anonymous Lives – Batman University, Turkey

2014 Unsaid Unheard Untitled – Villa Paradiso-Beirut

2014 In the flesh – Das Weisse Haus – Vienna

2014 Voice Of The Invisibles – Arab Modern Institute-Paris

2014 Retour à la biennale – Espace Culture-Marseille

2013 Beirut Artfair – Garbagescape – Biel, Beirut

2013 jeux de la francophonie – Nice – representing Lebanon in painting –

Special mention of the jury

2013 Biennale of young Mediterranean artists – Ancone, Italy.

2013 Residency in Caos museum followed by an exhibition – Terni, Italy

2013 Tasmeem Friendly Gas – Design Fair – Doha

2012 Beirut Art fair – Biel, Beirut

2012 Salon d’Automne – Beirut Exhibition Center – Sursock Museum

2012 Pied D’oeuvres – Smogallery, Karantina – Beirut

2011 Art Expo, Istanbul

2010 Lebanese Art Diaspora – Beirut Dome

2010 Tear down the Walls – Art Space Gallery, Dubai

2009 Salon d’Automne – Sursock Museum

2006 La Peinture des Architectes – Paul Guiragossian Museum