Graduated as top of his class from Hacettepe University Fine Arts Faculty Department of Sculpture / Turkey in 2007, Asaf Erdemli is a Turkish artist transforming scrap materials into sculptures with a conceptual point of view.
He worked as a clay modeller at Ford Design Studio between 2008 and 2013.
The artist is currently continuing the creation process of his works in his workshop in Turkey.
The art pieces of the artist, who took part in many group exhibitions and art fairs, were also exhibited in important international events such as the International Fine Arts Fair at the Paris Louvre Museum, the Scrap Art Exhibition in Qatar, many international institutions and private collections . The artist’s personal exhibitions are listed below;
• “Eye Level” Ankara 2020
• “Scrap Art Exhibition” Qatar 2019
• “Entropy” Ankara 2019
• “Zero” Ankara 2018
• “International Fine Arts Fair” Paris Louvre Museum 2017
• “Epique Island Reconstruct” İstanbul 2017
• “Instrumental” Ankara 2017

The artist was granted the “Commendable Artist in Sculpture” award by the Art Institution Association.

Asaf Erdemli shares his ideas about art not only through his works but also through seminars he has given at organizations such as TEDx Talks.

Asaf Erdemli, who is also a performing artist, worked as a professional dancer and choreographer in a dance theater and the disabled dance group between 1998- 2008.