Amal Al Aathem is one of the most prominent and proactive Qatari artists today, herreputation as an artist with a real voice and message has won her respect internationally. Herwork has been widely exhibited in the region and in different parts of the world .
Amal Al Aathem has a very acute and critical eye on social and cultural issues involvingwomen today in the Middle East, her work is extremely sensitive and very warm at times,every painting feels like a gently breeze of air passing through you, they involve you with thepresence/absence of the figures, light/shadows and with what is said/suggested,
In the Contemporary Art Panorama in Qatar today, Amal Al Aathem is definitely one of itsrefreshing pillars, having been mentored and inspired by many of the Qatari pioneer artists,she is today a source of inspiration and force for the very young and aspiring artists in Qatar.She is seen as an example of fortitude, resilience in her artistic practice and a strong voice.