Abdulla Al Mesleh a Qatari photographer, born in the UK in 1985, the passion of photography started with him when he was in the elementary school, where he used to document the school’s trips and celebrations using his small film compact cameras. Since then, the camera has become a crucial part of his life and ac-companies him in most of his movements or travels, for he cares about docu-menting the nice moments that he goes through.
During his university studies in the UK between 2009 – 2013, he fell in love with land-scape which he admires a lot and spends hours in nature to enjoy the magical views. In 2011 he started to focus on Landscape Photography. He is interested in Seascapes, cityscapes & night photography. Moreover, he takes his photographs mostly during the Sunset, sunrise & Moonlight nights.
After completing his studies he received his Bachelor Degree in International Rela-tions from University of Essex, UK. He came back to Qatar in 2013 and since then he has dedicated some of his time for documentation of the landscape of the State of Qatar and fast growing urban development in Qatar at this time and other natural views.
In recent years, he started to notice the sky objects while he photographed the Milky Way, such as Lagoon Nebula, the most dominant one. From there Abdulla AlMesleh started his journey in photographing the night sky.
He began to research and study about the objects in the sky and he traveled to Oman and Spain to observe and photograph nights sky at the darkest sites possi-ble.
Currently, he has been observing and photographing the night sky of Qatar where he spends hours during nights in the South of Qatar in AlAmeriyah.
Moreover, Abdulla AlMesleh is a director of the photography section at Youth Hobbies center which is one of the youth centers that are funded by the Ministry of Culture and Sports.